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General FAQ

  • Q.  What are your hours?
    A.  M- F 8:30am to 5pm

  • Q.  Where are you located?
    A.  Please see our locations on the website.

  • Q.  How long will my office visit take?
    A.  New patient’s visits are scheduled for a 30 minute block and f/u visits are 15 min blocks.

  • Q.  What insurances do you accept?
    A.  Please review our website for the complete list.

  • Q.  Do I need a referral for my visit?
    A.  That will depend upon your insurance; most HMO’s will require a referral.

  • Q.  Will you request records from my doctor?
    A.  Yes, we will request any necessary records needed to assist with your care.

  • Q.  Can I call the office for a prescription refill?
    A.  We request that you call your Pharmacy first, to see if there are any refills available. If there are no refills available, the Pharmacist will then contact our office for a new request.

  • Q.  Where will laboratory and or test/scans be performed at?
    A.  This will vary depending on the preferred lab assigned to your insurance.

  • Q.  What hospitals do your doctors attend?
    A.  Northside, Morton Plant , and St. Pete General

  • Q.  Do you treat children?
    A.  No, the patient must be 18 or older.

  • Q.  Do you treat hemorrhoids? 
    A.  At this time we do not treat hemorrhoids surgically, but we can prescribe medications for symptomatic treatment.