Aspirin Products

Aspirin Products

Non-Prescription Products
Containing Aspirin or Aspirin Components

Adprin B or
Adprin Extra Strength
Buffinol Extra
Alka-Seltzer (any formula)Cope
Anacin (any formula)Ecotrin (Any formula)
Arthritis Foundation Safety Coated AspirinEmagrin
Arthritis Pain FormulaGenprin
Ascriptin Arthritis PainGensan
Ascriptin Regular
Maximum strength
Goody’s (Extra strength
headache formula, etc)
AspergumHalfprin Low strength enteric coated
Aspercin ExtraHeartline
Aspermin (Any formula)Norwich aspirin, enteric coated)
Bayer (Any formula including baby aspirin) P.A.C.
BC Arthritis StrengthRegipren Enteric Coated
Buffaprin (Any formula)Rid-a-Pain with Codeine
Bufferin (Any formula including tri-buffered)
St. Joseph Low dose Adult Aspirin
BuffinolStanback, Original Formula
Buffets II Supac

Prescription Products
Containing Aspirin or Aspirin Components

Anaprox Anaprox DS tabletsMagsal tablets
Children’s Advil suspensionNaprosyn Suspension tablets
Children’s Motrin suspensionNorgesic & Norgesic Forte tablets
Darvon Compund-65Percondan & Percodan-Demi tablets
Disalcid capsules/tabletsRobaxisal tablets
Easprin tabletsSalflew tablets
Empirin with Codeine tabletsSoma Compound tablets
Equagesic tabletsSoma Compound with Codeine tablets
Fiorinal capsules/tabletsSynalgos-DC capsules
Fiorinal with Codeine capsules/tabletsTalwin Compound tablets
Lortab ASA tabletsTrilisate tablets or liquid

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